Design is thinking made visual.

Saul Bass

The idea behind this project was to create a sci-fi movie poster based on a made-up concept. I decided to base my movie poster on an evil scientist cat who eradicates humanity and takes over the world by creating a fatal disease that turns humans into mice. This project was very challenging
since I’m not familiar with Photoshop, so I ended up learning a lot through the process.

Some of the skills I learned

  • masking
  • blending modes
  • merging images

My creative process

  1. Sketching out a rough idea of what final poster should look like
  2. Gathering stock images to use for project
  3. Masking out images and adjusting saturation, contrast, hue, etc
  4. Editing jacket to fit the cat
  5. Compiling all elements together
  6. Adding typography and effects
  7. Complete!


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